Thursday, March 29, 2012


 This is one of my favorite songs, Surrender by BarlowGirl. It's a slow song, but the meaning behind the lyrics is so cool!! So please be patient and listen to the lyrics then scroll down and read on. :P

Did you listen to it yet? This is your last chance... are you sure? Okay.

     This song talks about completely surrendering your dreams to God. Unless you give your talents and hopes for the future back to God - giving Him the oppertunity to potetially take them away - trying to use them for His glory is nearly useless. While it may accomplish some, it will never bring as much glory to God as it would if we gave it all to Him.

When you dig deep down into the depths of your heart and look at your dreams and ambitions, hopes, pains, and everything that makes you, you, it's hard to even imagine lifting it all out, handing it to your Father and allowing Him to craft into something for His gain. What if He doesn't give it back? What if I will never be able to have my own dreams?  What if what God wants me to do will show people who I really am? What if it hurts me? What if what I thought was a huge, utterly awesome dream is really not worth it to God?

It's easy to get lost in the land of "What ifs".

It's hard to let go when it brings you pain.

But. The reward. Is. Totally. Worth. It.

    God gives such  peace and joy afterwards that it's hard to remember why you were so hesitant in the first place. I've found that I am constantly having to let go of new things. My human nature yearns to hold on to something, to have something that's all mine. I've learned that I have to cling to God like letters to a page in order to keep my hands open for the gifts of my Father.
Another thing that I've noticed is that when I'm distracted by all the things I want, or hope to do I don't notice the amazing oppertunities He gives me to help others.
When I am fully committed to Him, heart, sould and mind, it is my absolute joy to do as He asks.

So what are your thoughts?