Monday, April 29, 2013

Who am I?

Another poem for you. An idea that has been on my mind for a while.

I am,
A fish out of water,
dying on dry land.
Let me,
live beneath the waves,
in the dark, the cold.
I am,
soothed by the motion,
comforted by the sea.
Let me,
live hidden in the depths,
in a dream, a home I created.
I am,
but a child, awed by ghosts
And monster that lurk in caves.
Let me,
live among them and scribe
All their ways for you to find.
I am,
floating in serenity,
soaking in blissful ignorance.
Let me,
live here in this place unknown,
in the cloaked safety of sleep.
I am,
a memory you can't forget,
fading to an image of hope.
Let me,
live, tucked in your pocket,
close to heart, far from mind.
I am
watching in contentment,
waiting in unbroken silence.
Let me,
live on in your thoughts, actions,
never to die alone.
I am,
an illusion, a reality
you created to evade
who I am.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

If I Could Live the Way I Wanted

Sorry for not posting in such a long while. I've been busy. I got a job and have been trying to keep up on school and just haven't been doing much writing in general. So. All I have for you today is a poem. Hope you enjoy it. :)

If I could live the way I wanted,

I would scribble poems on walls
And draw pictures in the frosted windows.

Dark curtains would seal my mind
And only the music would witness my creations.

I would stay awake until the stars faded
And sleep until the sun was overhead.

Every raindrop would contain a story
And I would collect them in teacups to keep me warm.

I would lose myself in cultures of my own invention
And my characters would be real.

Colored pens would overflow from canning jars
And pencil pockets, ready and waiting for every idea.

I would never cease to search for new stories,
And revisit old ones with fresh eyes.

I would visit the hunched walls of timeless ages
And give voice to all the things they observed.

Cloudy days would mean hours of discovering
New worlds through musty pages that smell of ink.

Drawings would hang from walls like portals
And I would gaze at them for hours on end.

I would sit near the street to watch people go by
And catch words like snowflakes on my tongue.

The piano would hold me close on stormy days
And hum lullabies in my ear when sleep refuses me.

I would paint murals in my bedroom to inspire smiles
And bright days that warm chilled fingers with gentle love.

Lifelong dreams would become reality
And hopes would never be crushed.

If I could live the way I wanted
my  words would last for ages.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Details - Using Your Window to Its Fullest Potential

      What do you see when you look out the window. Neighbors' houses, the road, dead winter grass, the trees, perhaps a bird?

      If that is all you see, then you must look again or you will miss all the beautiful things that are making my heart skip.

      When I gaze out the window I find tangled blades of grass that huddle together against the cold. Trees that lift tired limbs into the sky, searching for the sun. Curious, young flowers that peep up from under the snow to see if spring has arrived. Sunbeams that dance on the ground, daring winter to stop them from warming the earth. Rain drops that spatter from grouchy clouds to cleanse the frostbitten ground. Birds that sing about bright days and hope on the wind.

      And,  I wonder at all the tiny moments I have missed, all the miniature stories that I could have witnessed if I looked, really looked out the window.

      I hold the ones I do see near to my heart and haltingly try explain why I stare out the window so absently. It never comes out right and I mumble an apology before trying to focus on doing "something useful". I want to say that what I am doing is useful, that it makes me happy, makes me feel closer to God but the words get stuck in my throat, so I write them down instead.

      Slowing my feet, I pause to search for all the smiles that God has hidden for me today. I hope that you will join me in seeking out the details, and when you walk past a window you won't pass by without trying find the moments that He orchestrated with you in mind, because God made you to be a creature that wonders. Wherever you find that sense of awe,  in music, art, words, logic, science, numbers, in your home - wherever - pause, and store it away for those days when you need a little encouragement.