Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Blog is Moving!

Hi everyone, that's right, I'm moving my blog. I'm now on wordpress and my blog has a new name. On The Wrinkle Of a Cloud. Check it out and subscribe there to keep up with my writing. :)

They often say the best place to start is the beginning. When I look back at how I arrived here, starting this blog, I find that I can’t really pinpoint a beginning. Was it on that day so many years ago when mom had us kids write down our goals? “I want to be a famous author” young Kate scrawled in wobbly letters.
Or maybe it started when I wrote my first story about two sisters and a birthday present.
Perhaps it was the hours upon hours I spent playing out complex stories with my little brother. An epic combination of action figures, castles, light sabers, stuffed animals, My Little Ponys and Littlest Pet Shops.
Then there’s the weeks and months after a camp friend’s death I spent scribbling in my journal and thinking about life. It didn’t seem fair that someone so young would die. “She could have been so much.” I wrote over and over, trying to understand, to make it mean something....Click here to read on.